Yinchuan Sunac City Sales Center by Beijing De Fang Yuan

Sunac City

Yinchuan is a northwest city in China. It nestles beside Helan Mountains and adjoins Yellow River. Helan Mountains erect on the west side of the city, and protect it from sandstorm and Siberian cold air via rolling, lofty mountain ranges. On the east side, Yellow River keeps flowing and has been nourishing the city for more than a thousand years. Static hills and the dynamic Yellow River endow Yinchuan with spectacular scenery and vigor.

The project is a residential property sales center. As approaching the design, we analyzed the local cultural context of Yinchuan, and decided to take Helan Mountains and Yellow River as main design threads. We intended to showcase the spectacular view of mountains and water of the city via artistic design languages, and to create an iconic space that touches people’s mind and evokes a sense of hometown identity.

The sales center is situated within Gedi Lake Wetland Park. Both the architecture and interior show integration with the surroundings, as well as the perfect combination between natural landscape and functionality, the solid and void. The interior design not only embodies local cultural features, but also pays tribute to nature. Inside the entrance area, a stone-shaped art installation comes into view.

Suspended beside the French window and reception desk, it features an irregular shape and echoes local mountains. With smooth lines, the double-height hall provides an open view to the aesthetic Gede Lake. The property model display area is set at the middle, showing the vision of the future community. The negotiation area is orderly laid out beside the window, which enables visitors to enjoy the outdoor scenery and immerse in a peaceful ambience.

Tea tables are characterized by a rippled panel, which looks like dynamic water waves. A boat artwork is placed on the table top, presenting a playful scene of rowing above water. The kids’ area is set at the corner, with playful art installations and vivid furniture hues injecting vitality into the space. The second floor is highlighted by various artworks.

The crystal tree, the painting that depicts waterfall, and the pebble-like artwork, resonate with the charming scenery of Helan Mountains and Yellow River. The crystal sika deer is vigorous and eye-catching, reminiscent of the bharal that lives in Helan Mountains. Standing at the corridor on the second floor, visitors can have a panoramic view of the lake. The VIP negotiation area is set at the left side. The paintings hanging on walls add an artistic touch to the space. Source by Beijing De Fang Yuan.

  • Location: Gedi Lake Wetland Park, Xingqing District, Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
  • Architect: Beijing De Fang Yuan
  • Design team: Cui Ying, Lan Yunhui, Xie Chaochao, Gao Qian, Jin Zice
  • Interior finishing design: W Studio
  • Interior decoration design: Beijing De Fang Yuan
  • Client: Sunac Beijing Regional Group (Yinchuan Branch)
  • Client team: Wei Dongchang, Li Meng, Wang Jidong, Zhao Heng, Yu Qian
  • Area: 1,347 m2
  • Completion time: July 17, 2020
  • Photographs: Qiwen Photography, Courtesy of Beijing De Fang Yuan

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