Charlotte of the Upper West Side by BKSK Architects


Roe Corporation announced the launch of sales for what is believed to be the most sustainable condominium building ever built in New York City. One of the first new residential buildings to be constructed in the Central Park Historic District in the past 30 years, the boutique condominium will bring seven striking and sustainably-designed full-floor residences to one of New York City’s most coveted neighborhoods.

Designed and engineered to exceed the exacting certification standards of the Passive House Institute, Charlotte of the Upper West Side boosts residents’ health, wellbeing, and comfort, balancing state-of-the-art building systems with timeless luxury and craftmanship. Originating in Germany several decades ago, the Passive House Standard focuses on dramatically reducing a home’s energy consumption for heating and cooling, while providing exceptional air quality.

Charlotte of the Upper West Side’s robust insulation and airtight seals minimize air leaks and drafts, keeping rooms consistently comfortable and quiet, while reducing energy consumption to a small fraction of a traditional home’s consumption. Each residence features its own state-of-the-art, Swiss-engineered energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system that delivers fresh filtered outside air to each room of the home, consistently exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

In addition to its state-of-the-art air quality, Charlotte of the Upper West Side boasts remarkably quiet residences, thanks to triple-paned windows and robust insulation on exterior walls and between residences. Located at 470 Columbus and West 83rd Street on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the Charlotte of the Upper West Side has been thoughtfully designed by BKSK Architects, the award-winning firm best known for contextually appropriate and environmentally conscious design.

A sanctuary of wellness and sustainability in the heart of a historic neighborhood, Charlotte of the Upper West Side’s overall aesthetic draws inspiration from nearby historic and landmarked buildings reflecting traditional Upper West Side architecture. Charlotte of the Upper West Side’s captivating façade features surfaces of red brick and louvers of Italian-made terracotta, a tribute to the architectural traditions of the Upper West Side.

BKSK Architects designed the Italian-made terracotta louvers to keep the residences bright and comfortable year-round. Designed by BKSK Architects and finely crafted by the artisans of the Italian manufacturer Sannini, the custom baguette-shaped louvers help keep every home at the Charlotte of the Upper West Side bright and comfortable all year long. Source by Roe Corporation and images Courtesy of M18 Public Relations.

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