Hotel Milla Montis by Peter Pichler Architecture

Milla Montis

The hotel is located in Maranza, in the Italian region of South Tyrol. Meadows and fields surround the well-shaped mountain of the small Alpine village, just above Puster Valley, a tourist destination well known for its marvelous hiking routes. The project location is characterized by its unique scenery and impressive panoramic views of the Dolomites Mountains.

The new hotel structure is fragmented into four shifted volumes to break down the scale of the entire structure while at the same time respecting the scale of the surrounding buildings. The composition is inspired by the vernacular architecture of the region and the classic wooden barn reinventing a contemporary reinterpretation of this typology.

The curved shape of the exoskeleton façade is inspired by the pitchfork used by local farmers. Maranza is a small village in South Tyrol with a significate agricultural background. The interiors are simple and functional, a timeless Alpine style.

Ash wood is combined with typical green loden textiles, adding a dash of color giving continuity to the natural palette of the surrounding landscape. Wood is the main protagonist of the project, both outside and inside, creating contrast with the exterior blackened wood and the interior lightwood. Source by Peter Pichler Architecture.

  • Location: Maranza, South Tyrol, Italy
  • Architect: Peter Pichler Architecture
  • PPA Principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas
  • PPA Competition Design Team: Peter Pichler, Cem Ozbasaran, Giovanni Paterlini, Marco Caprani, Alessandro Altamura
  • PPA Project Team: Peter Pichler, Simona Alù, Giovanni Paterlini, Cem Ozbasaran
  • Structural Engineering: iPM
  • MEP: Reichhalter
  • Construction Company: Gasser Paul
  • Wood Construction: Brida
  • Electro Planning: Studio E-Plan
  • Project Management: Michaeler & Partner
  • Client: Oberhofer
  • Number of Rooms: 30
  • Ground Floor Area: 3500 m2
  • Year: 2020
  • Photographs: Gustav Willeit, Daniel Zangerl, Jörgen Camrath, Courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture

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