Agile work environment by Perspektiv


For the project of FEG offices, we decided to maximize the use of space and design workplaces whose main feature is simplicity, sustainability, and efficiency. We emphasized on maximizing creative potential and creating ideal conditions for community support regarding the principles of workplace agile.

For more than 700 employees, we created a flexible shared work environment instead of dedicated ones. The implementation of an extensive project of offices for the largest Central European betting operator was in the spirit of creating an agile environment for employees and roofing different company divisions in one place.

For more than 700 employees of 28 nationalities, we have created a flexible shared work environment instead of dedicated places. We decided to make the most of the space and design offices whose main feature is simplicity, sustainability, and efficient space use.

Due to the lack of open-space feature in the original offices, we designed a metal staircase that serves as a link for all floors and allows for the free movement of employees across the company. Moreover, it gives the space airy nature, facilitating interaction and mobility.

An agile environment is achieved thanks to diverse workplaces such as hot desks, focus rooms, quiet zones, phonebooths, or scrum rooms. Meeting rooms of different sizes or spaces for events and training are, of course, included.

The space is dominated by recycled, natural, and high-quality materials, which are to withstand the daily brunt associated with the operation and, at the same time, eliminate the generation of new waste. Integrated technologies also ensure sustainability. They can estimate when it is necessary to turn off or regulate the air conditioning in the room and save energy. Source by Perspektiv.

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Architect: Perspektiv
  • Managing partner: Ján Antal, Martin Stára
  • Co-author: Barbora Babocká, Eva Schilhart Faberová, Vojtěch Hasalík, Barbora Janíková
  • Collaborator: Atelier Šteflovi
  • Illustrator: Adam Mihalov
  • Year: 2020
  • Photographs: Studio Flusser, Courtesy of LINKA

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