Headquarters of Western Equity Investment Fund by Benoy

Western Equity Investment Fund

After two rounds of strict expert evaluation, Benoy was awarded the bid for the Western Equity Investment Fund Headquarters Base Project. Located in the core zone of the central business district (CBD) of Chengdu Tianfu New Area, the project is the gateway node connecting the old city center and Tianfu New Area. Upon completion, the project will serve as the office of the Western Equity Investment Fund Institution.

As a world-oriented ecological CBP (“Central Business Park”), the CBD of Tianfu New Area will, in the future, function as a “dual-core” urban area and boost the southward expansion and development of Chengdu as a city-level center. The headquarters is located in the northern sector of the core zone of Tianfu New Area. It mainly hosts business exhibitions and administrative management, which will bring broad development prospects for the area in the future.

The overall positioning of the project is as a regional financial landmark, equity investment center, industrial innovation center and open sharing platform. In its design conception, Benoy envisions the project as a new modern financial landmark adapted to the overall urban image of the CBD of Tianfu New Area. The design focuses on the innovation of office space and the subdivision of business support functions.

The project is composed of a 200m headquarters office tower with a total area of 110,000m2 and several commercial facilities with a total area of 15,000m2. Following the “people-oriented” principle, the design advocates the concept of green, ecological and energy-saving building, and highlights intelligence, humanity, individuality, freedom and efficiency.

The design is inspired by the history, culture and natural scenery of Chengdu. To be specific, the unique scenery, mountains and streetscapes of Chengdu are integrated into the design of the tower and skirt buildings. These elements are connected in a vertical and three-dimensional series to create a natural, relaxed, and abundant experience with Chengdu characteristics.

In the design, the podium is compared to the scattered “street & lane” garden, the sky lobby is compared to the “mountain” road ascending step by step, and the office tower is deemed as a beautiful “scenery” in Tianfu New Area. From top to bottom, traditional Chinese historical architectural elements such as “streets, lanes, gardens and courtyards” are integrated into the commercial podium design to create a unique sense of interactive and scattered space.

Greenery is also integrated into the podium in combination with the positioning of Ningbo Road as a green leisure walking street; meanwhile, the semi-transparent podium façade is used to blur the indoor and outdoor space, and thus forms an integrated interface on ground level. In addition to creating a first-floor lobby, the project also utilizes an aerial sculpture park, lookout platform, walking footpath and connecting bridge park on the sixth floor to create public space and a sense of difference.

In the office tower, the aerial swimming pool, sculpture park, shared hall, shared office space and roof pocket park are set up in combination with relevant supporting facilities to form an abundant three-dimensional experience and a natural landscape, so as to enable people working therein to experience the urban park scenery at different scales and make the office tower one of the new attractions of Tianfu New Area.

The façade of the office tower mimics an uncut diamond under polishing, which also happens to coincide with the corporate philosophy of Western Equity Fund. The mining and cutting process of diamonds is compared to the “corporate potential mining” and “market value embodiment” of Western Equity Fund, reflecting the corporate value of the company that advocates achieving success based on accumulated strength.

The overall architectural planning and construction aims to embody the process of polishing a rough stone into a diamond. In the near future, we will jointly witness the rise of this new modern financial landmark integrating an urban commercial block, urban ecological landscape, characteristic landmark building, open internal and external space, optimized business format and function, and TOD, which will stand in the center of Tianfu CBD. Source by Benoy.

  • Location: Chengdu, China
  • Architect: Benoy
  • Project Chief: Qin Pang
  • Project Principal: Tang Wei, Wu Jiang
  • Main Design Team: Xia Shu, Zhou Yiting, Zhou Xiaoli
  • Client: Western Equity Investment Fund Base
  • Total Floor Area: Approx. 125,000 m², including a 200m tower building
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: Courtesy of Benoy

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