Wanguan Mechatronis Technology City by aoe

Wanguan Mechatronis Technology City

The concept comes from 72 rolling waters, under the Qingcheng Mountain, facing the river, imitating the collision of water and rocks, and the endless rushing.

Streams, rocks, and water are abstracted into architectural language, based on small-scale commercial blocks and free curves, integrated into the building, so as to construct the landscape of Chinese classical music and give the architectural soul.

The project implants animal landscape sketches to create a modern natural style. The overall greening level is rich: a multi-level experience is created through the vertical greening of the wall, corridor, roof, and square gives a rich overall greening level. The project aims to be a super large-scale central plaza.

The public space enhances the commercial space atmosphere through lighting, commercial landscape, and sketches. With the enclosed square as the center, create a bright spot to attract surrounding people, activate the commercial circulation of the entire plot, drive the vitality of the entire area, and activate the urban interface. Source by aoe.

  • Location: Chengdu, China
  • Architect: aoe
  • Size: 140,000
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of aoe

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