Welcome mixed-use complex in Milan by Kengo Kuma and Associates


Zero carbon emissions, renewable energy resources, consumption control, salvaging of water, green areas and endemic species as an essential part of the architectural project, people-focused and sensorial – these are just a few features of the ‘Welcome’ project.

The project connects the various adjacent urban elements (the Rizzoli area) and landscape, which counteracts the existing vertical context with a new concept of accessibility and permeability, in an attempt to redevelop an area currently classed as marginal. Over 50,000 square metres above ground, structured in six sites packed with natural and adaptable light, all layered, rotated and interwoven with each other, sloping down like natural amphitheatres towards the Park.

The ‘Welcome’ structure involves three selected materials, combined synergically to generate natural and contemporary architecture: concrete for the foundations and basement, giving way to steel and wood above ground. The system of energy generation for heating and cooling, along with the vital use of solar panels, will allow the building to reach maximum sustainability levels, in a project that preempts the future of work spaces in a post-Covid19 era.

Health and wellness of individuals with Platinum Well certification targets; Platinum Leed energy efficiency; compliance to anti-Covid19 guidelines (Ashrae, Rheva, Aicarr and ISS Report); circularity in building materials and their use; complete abolition of fossil fuels; resilience to climate change for a climate-neutral future. Based on these pillars, Welcome presents itself as one of the most advanced eco-friendly projects in Europe. Source by Kengo Kuma and Associates.

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