Next opening of Tonino Lamborghini Towers by Studio Marco Piva

Tonino Lamborghini Towers

It’s about to be completed the new Tonino Lamborghini Towers complex in Chengdu, a latest generation building by Chengdu Donghe Real Estate Co., Ltd, where hospitality, commercial, cultural and residence functions converge as per Studio Marco Piva design concept.

Studio Marco Piva has been committed to design the hotel, common spaces, rooms and suites, luxury apartments, commercial area and the Sichuan Theater. SMP DESIGN TEAM, in collaboration with Donghe and JHM, has carried out an accurate work dedicated to the architectural study of the podium and of the 180 m height towers facades.

Assiduous research into the formal and functional aspects of space, updated technology and materials developed with great attention to the environment, are the foundations of the planning philosophy of SMP, in which the continuity between architecture and interior design plays a strategic role to conceive innovative successful projects. The project elegantly blends Chinese and Italian design visual elements: a tribute to two cultures, both with ancient traditions, for a highly scenographic result.

The common spaces are characterized by a dynamic design that stands out for the attention to details, with the custom creation of decorative panels and furnishing elements, to give a spectacular touch to every single environment. The input was to create a new way of living, developing an elegant and high-quality interiors concept. Shape of nature and its colours are reflected into the chosen materials and textures. Source and images Courtesy of Studio Marco Piva.

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