Kavel 5 Gouda by KCAP for ABC Vastgoed

Kavel 5 Gouda

KCAP for ABC Vastgoed is designing a new mixed-use building at the rail station of Gouda. The architecture in close dialogue with its surroundings presents a public plinth that activates the area and aims to enhance the station area’s overall quality of stay. ABC Vastgoed and KCAP are working on Kavel 5 in Gouda, a building on a narrow plot with a strategic position, next to the Huis van de Stad, Cinema Gouda and the station entrance.

The development of Kavel 5 is the final piece in the larger redevelopment of the northern area of the station. In this urban context, the new building fits in with the nearby iconic architecture but reveals its own characteristic appearance. With its carefully chosen versatile programming, consisting of hotel, apartments and amenities in the lower levels, the new mixed-use building designed by KCAP is an essential contribution to improve the liveliness and safety of the station precinct during the day and at night.

The volume of the building refers to its urban context. On pedestrian level, a double-heigh transparent plinth offers space for a public and lively program that is immediately visible, attracting people to walk in. The small footprint of the plinth keeps the public space open to a maximum, fostering permeability. Above, the design provides for a lower building section with hotel functions and a roof terrace offering views towards the station. An accent in height is created on the northern side. This is where the apartments are located.

The mixture of program interacts with the functions already present in the area and improves the facilities’ economic sustainability. By offering this versatile mix of functions for different target groups, the station location will become more inclusive, safe and lively. Thus it adds value and quality of stay to the station area of Gouda. The building’s program includes a transparent, all-sided, and double-height coffee bar as the heart of the square and living room of the building.

Above, a transparent level with publicly accessible amenities, the building comprises a hotel of 100+ rooms, and several apartments of different sizes. The integral approach of KCAP’s design pays much attention to the layout of the public space. The planting beds and paving accents in the pubic plaza follow and order walking and cycling flows. The new square allows a pleasant experience and offers users the opportunity to meet and relax while it also gives commuters and cyclists the space to move quickly through the area.

The landscape design is in tune with the square in front of the Huis van de Stad and the space next to the Cinema. Together with ABC Vastgoed, KCAP is looking forward to the following steps to realize this place-to-be in Gouda’s station precinct for residents, commuters and tourists. The building permit is expected by the end of 2021. Source and images Courtesy of KCAP.

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