Alibaba DAMO Academy Headquarter by Aedas

Alibaba DAMO Academy

Designed by Aedas Global Design Principal Ken Wai, the Hangzhou Alibaba DAMO Academy has commenced construction. As the first headquarters of Alibaba DAMO Academy, this project integrates the most technologically advanced offices, research laboratories, visitors and exhibition centers, and ancillary facilities, to build a world-class scientific research institute on the banks of Nanhu Lake in Yuhang District, Hangzhou.

The project is located in the Nanhu Science Center District in Yuhang – the heart of Hangzhou city’s science and technology incubator triad, where a concentration of important, innovative projects are located. The site is also abounded with landscape resources and lush vegetation, surrounded by the Nanhu Wetland Park and the future DAMO Park Development. The development occupies a large parcel of land with a total area of 228,100 sq m, that is well connected by public transportation.

Through detailed consideration, the building ensures efficiency in internal circulation, enhanced natural ventilation, maximizes lighting and views towards the encircling lake. The campus masterplan design resembles a Bodhi leaf, emulating leaf veins created open courtyards and view corridors that maximizes the site potential. The resulting design appears like a Bodhi leaf floating on the surface of the Nanhu Lake, embodying the graceful élan of Hangzhou.

The finger-shaped office buildings are set in parallel with the view corridor while canteen and public amenities are sensibly placed in the centre of the campus on the north-south central axis for easy access. Service entry, access routes and parking spaces, are anticipated for pedestrians, cyclers and all types of vehicles to ensure the development is effectively served.

The R&D and “tech” offices are all designed to the latest trend based on “Neighborhood” teaming system blending work, meeting, and personal space to create a collaborative workplace environment. The office buildings are uniformly low-rise, adopting a column-grid structure with flexible and modulated layout. In order to maximize flexibility, modular office blocks could be linked to create workplace with floor plate between 2,000sqm to 4,000sqm.

Working groups are distributed around shared amenities, atriums and communal space to promote communication and collaboration. Service business space are set on the ground floor for casual meals and meetings. Courtyards, gardens and public plazas are embedded in-between buildings for relaxation and activities, portraying a space in which elements in nature flourish in a symbiotic relationship.

The elegant office building form are encased in a glass curtain wall that are ‘jagged’ to maximize privacy between buildings and open views towards the lake. In the centre of the campus is a “Zen” like courtyard, a space for meditation and thoughts befitting the story of DAMO for learning and innovation.

The DAMO Boulevard landscape axis is designed with waterscape plazas on both ends, the axis adjoins the Visitor Centre and a Sports Centre. The design integrates Intelligent Building System through automated supervision and smart system to enhance security, user experience, and reduce energy consumption. The project is destined to be a showcase for future office and workplace design. Source by Aedas.

  • Location: Hangzhou, China
  • Architect: Aedas
  • Designer: Ken Wai, Global Design Principal
  • Client: Chuangjia Technology (Hangzhou) Ltd.
  • GFA: 300,000 sq m
  • Completion Year: 2023
  • Images: Courtesy of Aedas

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