Fish Trap House by Cheng Tsung FENG

Fish Trap House

The Fish Trap is an ancient vessel. In the past, it served as a tool for catching fish. Then, as it was no longer used, it became a symbol that bears lost culture in museums and literature.

The project is located in Yuguang Island, a small island in Anping District close to Anping Fishing Harbor and Anping Port. In this piece, we tried to take this vessel and reproduce it with different dimensions and appearances.

The artist FENG focused on the memories of the handicraft and the unique spatial experience that is perceived with the body to create a one-of-a-kind Fish Trap House so the vessel has a chance to hold all kinds of possibilities and imagination.

The Fish Trap House created by the artist is not used for trapping fish. Instead, it captures the attention of people, luring them in as if they are fish in the water, swimming into the alluring landscape of Yuguang Island. Source by Cheng Tsung FENG-

  • Location: Yuguang Island, Tainan City, Taiwan
  • Artist: Cheng Tsung FENG
  • Organizer: Tainan City Government, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government, Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd., Tainan Cultural Foundation
  • Curator: UrbanART Studio
  • Project Designer: Chan Wei HSU
  • Project Executor: Jun Wei QIU, Chih Ying YANG, Chu Wen ZHANG, Hong Lin LIU, Cheng Yen HU, Cheng Lin HSIAO
  • Structural Analysis: A.S studio
  • Dimensions: 500x500x340 cm
  • Year: 2021
  • Photographs: Fixer Photographic Studio, Courtesy of Cheng Tsung FENG

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