GroupGSA design for Do Son Dragon Ocean Resort

Dragon Do Son

Enhancing the site by emulating it
When designing tourism spaces there is often a desire to disappear to be almost invisible. Alternatively, there can be a wish to create a standout attraction, something that draws people simply for its boldness.

However, on rare occasions the cues given by the location are so strong, there is no need to hide and no need for a new attraction, in these cases it is more a matter of joining in. GroupGSA has under construction Do Son Dragon Ocean Resort in HaI Phong, Vietnam.

The site is adjacent to Do Son peninsula located about 22km away from Hai Phong. Mountain extending 5km to the sea and includes dozens of hills which are from 25 to 130 meters high. When sighting the peninsula for the first time the folklore surrounding it becomes instantly visible – it’s very topography is enough to evoke that mythical beast.

Responding to this we proposed a scheme reflecting the landscape where the dragon’s back is re-interpreted as a series of building wings that respond to the site, the views and the function of the hotel. Each end of the hotel is double loaded to increase efficiency and make use of the incredible 170 degree vista this site has.

The podium elevates all rooms above the surrounding villas to ensure every single room has unparalleled views. The Hotel with 303 rooms and 42 villas becomes a signature entry statement that sets the tone and feeling for the whole site. The villas are offset and have living areas at different levels so they too all have beach and water views with privacy.

The sinuous forms of the serpentine building are accentuated through modern detailing in the facade to emphasise the unusual and beautiful shape, whilst reflective glass creates the illusion of the building almost curling back on itself, bringing a kinetic and visually fluid element to the building and animating the visual experience. Source by GroupGSA.

  • Location: Do Son, Hai Phong, Vietnam
  • Architect: GroupGSA
  • Design Directors: Matt Young, Alina Valcarce
  • Client: Dragon Do Son
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: Courtesy of GroupGSA

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