Imagination Circle by UNSANGDON Architects Cooperation

Imagination Circle

Imagination pavillion was a project suggesting the existing old observatory to the new one. The observatory for amusement and a view where we could meet nature and overlook cityscape, doesn’t only serve functional role but also would like to suggest a pavillion with new imagination.

The barrier free zone which is located along a trail is a regional nature community space which is most loved and used by local people who are meeting the nature. The imagination pavillion which has installed in the peak of the trail is a final destination for easy strolling but also a connection between another nature world and the city, new landscape amusement, and a starting point for the other journey.

We designed panorama vertical trail which is a playground for a relationship of the nature and inhabitants, which naturally gets related afterwatching the nature landscape at the observatory, and also strolls inside the forest. Through this, it suggests a poetic pavilion assimilates with nature, incorporates and amuses the forest and sky, and an attractive observatory which actively combines formative mystique and nature inside the mountain.

Culture-Art Playground inside the Mountain
When strolling along the trail, two streamlined shape staircase and one elevator could be met at the observatory. Users can freely choose how to go up to the observatory. Two stairs present with different perception and landscape when going up and down. Hope going up and down the streamlined shape staircase turning body all around could be another amusement of walking.

With structure columns supporting the observatory, a staircase on the other side, and a reflectiontype stainless ceiling light on the bottom part of the observatory, the pavillion becomes a three-dimensional aperture of the landscape which makes us to understand Bulam Mountain’s nature with different emotions and senses. We hope this three-dimensional and strange landscape where an artificial pavilion and nature meets abruptly could be another fun culture-art playground inside the mountain for the observatory users.

Poetic Nature Observatory
Bulam Mountain is low in height, but its shape is a heavy rock mountain and a valley’s line, and tree crowds are diverse. The observatory deck is a place where the mountain and sky could be directly communed. The streamlined shape observatory deck secures a view to the Bulam mountain and city to the maximum and subdivided an area for near approach so that it could have diversity in landscape. A shape of the poetic language provides an inspiration assimilates with nature to the citizens, and it’s a poetic nature observatory opened to anyone. Source by UNSANGDON Architects Cooperation.

  • Location: Mountain 101-1, Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Architect: UNSANGDON Architects Cooperation
  • Architect in charge: Yoongyoo Jang, Changhoon Shin
  • Design team: Youngdong Goh, Myeonggil Jung, Jiyeon Woo, Sohyun Yim, Yongchul Lee, Seoyeon Joh, Jaeho Song, Hyejung Kwak, Changgeun Lee
  • Site area: 277.117m2
  • Built area: 140.13m2
  • Total floor area: 143.57 m2
  • Year: 2021
  • Photographs: Sun Namgoong, Courtesy UNSANGDON Architects Cooperation

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