Benoy win competition for Zhoupu Office Park

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zhoupu Office Park

Benoy won first prize in a recent international design contest for Plot 41 – 01, Unit 03, Zhoupu Town, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and obtained the right to design the plot. The project is situated to the south-west of Zhangjiang Science City. It abuts Hu’nan Highway to the east, Jianlin Road to the south, Jianjing Road to the west and Shenmei Road to the north.

By taking advantage of the surrounding industrial interconnectivity, and with easy access to the Metro Line 18 Shenmei Road Station, it is conveniently linked to Zhoupu, Hangtou and other areas, exhibiting great development potential. The site of this project is located within Zhoupu’s planning area, which is positioned as an “integrated circuit material and equipment innovation park”. It is the first innovation park nationwide to concentrate a considerable degree of industry clusters in the materials and equipment fields.

The project hopes to draw from the intention of circuit chips and develop the plot into an efficient, interconnected and convenient community magnet and neighbourhood core. The aim is for this core to accommodate the industrial space of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech within the urban area and drive urban renewal. At the same time, the project will provide the plot and its surrounding industries with abundant supporting infrastructure and serve as an incubator for small- to medium-sized enterprises.

Community magnet and neighbourhood core
As the plot runs along the Hu’nan Highway, the main architectural challenge was how to strike a balance between showcasing the project on a city scale while creating a comfortable space for people. We started by focusing on the project’s surroundings. Taking into account the industry layout of the nearby industrial parks, we designed six high-rise office towers with different heights along the west and south sides of the site.

We also conceived two multi-storey office towers in the middle, forming a layered skyline that gradually rises along the Hu’nan Highway. The primary tower layout and major office traffic line were determined according to the plot shape and project demands. Setbacks were made available to the city’s main arterials and public greenbelts in response to local community activity around surrounding branch roads.

Meanwhile, we broke up and reconstructed the site’s internal business layout and moved it along the Hu’nan Highway, enclosing it within the base of a nearby tower. In this way, we created a commercial block along the urban interface to serve the whole site and surrounding areas, activating the plot’s commercial value and vibrancy. Mindful of the project’s positioning as an “integrated circuit material and equipment innovation park”, the architect drew on the criss-cross integrated circuitry to design a two-storey walkway system for the commercial block.

This resulted in the creation of a highly efficient, connected and convenient three-dimensional transportation system. With a view to bringing office workers together, a sunken plaza was designed in the middle of the plot for entertainment, performances and commerce. The plaza and underground commercial stores are directly connected to the metro station, which brings high traffic volumes that will help to transform the industrial park into a community magnet and neighbourhood core for the surrounding city blocks.

Scientific future and dynamic park
In response to the vision of building an international campus, the architect wanted to approach the façades in a concise and robust way, creating a sense of modernity and simplicity. In terms of design techniques, the office tower was broken down into a high and low block to reduce the oppressiveness of the original rectangular massing. This not only improved the overall style, but also enriched the working modes of the campus, offering a different working experience in the higher block.

The façades are where the architect attempted to add a ‘level and oblique tone’ rhythm to the tower to signal a break from the uniform style. In the lobby of the podium, ultra-clear, high-transmission glass bespeaks business and technology, while the entire campus has a simple and scientific underlying tone, with additional differentiated designs. Furthermore, connecting bridges, landscape accessories, plazas and other people-centric spaces were created to provide those living and working here with a multi-dimensional experience and a green, comfortable and agreeable smart working environment.

Plot 41 – 01, Unit 03 in Zhoupu Township not only fulfils the campus’s own functional requirements, but also activates the overall industry layout. It forms a crucial link in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech’s integrated circuit material and equipment industry chain. It is hoped that Benoy and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech could present this open, integrated, flexible, growing and resilient commercial office park to Pudong and even Shanghai as a new future landmark. Source by Benoy.

  • Location: Zhoupu, China
  • Architect: Benoy
  • Lead Project Designer: Pang Qin
  • Project Leader: Shi Bo
  • Project Designers: Chen Ye, Wang Yue, Chen Siqi, Zhou Yiting, Huang Zhenrong, Zheng Huijin, Xu Zihao
  • Client: Zhangjiang Hi-Tech
  • Total Floor Area: 196,683.5 m2
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of Benoy

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