Future City Towers by Parsha Architects + Partner Studio

Future City Towers

Aiming to represent the futuristic city. The flame shaped towers try to reach out to the future of architectural planning in whole Iraq through their flames.

The project Integrates structure and skin with a gradient of porosities that intensify as one ascends, creating differing atmospheres throughout the height of the project.

Elegance is ultimately made possible by the building’s masterful use of technique to mediate a broader range of architectural and contextual complexities.

It creates a hub where Luxury, modernity and sustainability gather to create an unbreakable bond. Source by Parsha Architects + Partner Studio.

  • Location: Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
  • Architect: Parsha Architects + Partner Studio
  • Design team: Rawand A. Amin, Gardun D. Kamal, Shwan A. ALi, Shawin, Parykhan Ghafur, Rebal Jbeer
  • Client: Future City
  • Area: 66700 m2
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: LIFANG, Courtesy of Parsha Architects + Partner Studio

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