The Future Harbour of Simrishamn by Kaminsky Arkitektur

Harbour of Simrishamn

The port of Simrishamn has historically played an important role and continues to do so today. Kaminsky Arkitektur and Mareld Landscape have developed a plan that can release its potential in the urban environment.

As tourism and the hospitality industry have become increasingly important, the assignment was to develop a vision of how the quay can be incorporated into the city in a new way. The vision revolves around inviting and attracting visitors to this exciting marine environment and to strengthen both city life and the port.

The proposal to extend the harbour promenade as part of Sjöfartsstråket, and make the water accessible, means that more people can experience Simrishamn’s proximity to the sea. With more and better places to meet, an active city life can be created. Along the pier and the northern quay, a promenade will be created with new buildings that can house food, trade, and cultural activities.

It will also be possible for private boats to dock along the promenade. The square opens up with tree plantings, wooden decks and space for food trucks and square activities. Along the main street, Hamngatan, benches will be constructed to connect the harbour area with the nearby beach.

“The port of Simrishamn has a fantastic, but today partly untapped, potential. We want to show that there is an opportunity to make the port more welcoming for both Simrishamn residents and visitors, all year round” says Joakim Kaminsky, Kaminsky Arkitektur.

Kaminsky Arkitektur and Mareld have previous experience from collaborations in several major urban development projects in the Nordic region, including Kjøpmannsgata in Trondheim and the development of the area around the port of Flensborgarhöfn harbour south of Reykjavik. These are all projects where housing, tourism and workplaces coexist with the traditional fishing activities in a small-scale urban environment. Source and images Courtesy of Kaminsky Arkitektur.

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