WRAP by Cosimo Scotucci


Humanity has been living through an unprecedented time in recent history, a moment of complete displacement when our everyday lives, and that sense of normality have been turned upside down, transitioning from being physical to virtual and by doing so, setting the ground for a “new normal”. People has shown an incredible resilience and great sense of adaptation but we know that is not over yet.

It is possible to combine the need of a physical world with the safety of the digital one? It is possible to imagine a space where this can happen? WRAP is an installation that aims to trigger people imagination, exploring new ways of interaction, searching for new way of engagement. It aims to go beyond the verbal communication, stimulating the people to find new and creative way of express themselves.

The pavilion is built of a timber structure easy to be assembled/dismantled and transportable, welded together exclusively through cold joints forming a three-dimensional helix that boosts reality a step further: The internal faces of the loop are mirrored to reflect the physical presence in a virtual safe space where people can interact freely.

The two platforms positioned at the extremes of the loop are set apart at about 4.5 m from one another, encouraging people to interact with each other in a new way through their reflected doubles, defining a new paradigm for interaction. Like in “Alice through the looking glass” a completely new reality is waiting to be explored. Source by Cosimo Scotucci

  • Architect: Cosimo Scotucci
  • Design Team: Cosimo Scotucci, Ayoub Chkairi
  • Year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of Cosimo Scotucci

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