DH2OME by Cosimo Scotucci


Water is abundant on Earth, 71% of the planet’ surface is covered by oceans. Unfortunately this water is too salty to be used for drinking, hygiene, agriculture or even for the industrial process, in fact: Water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

“Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all” of the United Nation’s 17 SDGs tackles this issue, defining an agenda to give access to fresh water to millions of people in the upcoming 5 to 20 years. Is it possible to make it with a carbon neutral process? Is it possible to transform the oceans in immense fresh water reservoirs? DH2OME is a game-changing infrastructure that aims to provide gallons of fresh water every day where is most needed.

Many of the countries that are experiencing severe droughts and water scarcity are in the tropical area and the majority of these are under-developed or developing countries, where the sun is shining most of the year and is by far the biggest source of energy. DH2OME is a scalable solution that consist in a greenhouse sank in the oceans.

Thanks to the solar radiation, the water inside of the dome evaporates, separating itself from salt and other products contained in it, to condense eventually on the glass surface above. The condensed water drops on the surface are perfectly fresh and through only gravity will slide down into the draining system embedded all along the perimeter of the abutment. Once there can be extracted directly or spilled into pipelines.

Salt and the bi-product of this operation could be sold generating money and fostering the development of new economies Creating a infinite and affordable source of fresh water, DH2OME lays the foundation of a better society: women and children won’t be responsible to find water anymore, walking long distances to collect it, going through threats and dangers.

No longer burdened by the water crisis, they can care for themselves and for their families, they can start small businesses or pursue their education. Access to safe water is critical to the health of women and their babies during pregnancy and after. DH2OME is an holistic solution to solve simultaneously the water crisis and the socioeconomic issues that under-developed and developing countries are facing. Source and images Courtesy of Cosimo Scotucci.

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