Istanbul’s Apple Bagdat Caddesi by Foster + Partners opens

Apple Bagdat Caddesi

Located on the bustling Bagdat Caddesi in Istanbul, Apple Bagdat Caddesi seeks to create a green oasis of creativity in the heart of the city. One of the most iconic and lively shopping destinations in Istanbul, the tree-lined avenue attracts visitors from all over the world and is likened to Paris’ Champs-Élysées.

The standalone building is set back from the busy shopping street creating a generous tree-lined square – a public plaza for the celebration of urban life. The design responds to the site and its unique environmental conditions to create a simple and harmonious form.

The structure spans the entire width of the store, creating an impressive, column-free interior volume, which emphasizes the visual connection throughout the length of the building. The building appears as a simple single story volume at the main street level with a floating roof above.

Using the same stonework as the pavement, the carefully designed steps and slopes along the forecourt create a gentle transition towards the store entrance. The glazed facades offer a glimpse through to the lush tree-filled garden at the back, drawing people into the store. Visitors enter the building at the upper ground level, which leads into a spacious double height volume.

The large tree-filled pocket park draws people through the store, providing a natural sanctuary for visitors to relax under the shaded canopy of trees. The garden is enveloped by a tall green hedge, immersing visitors in its natural environment and adding welcome greenery to the site.

A rainscreen façade made from beautifully crafted local travertine stone provides a pleasing contrast to the lush landscaping. The substantial 15.7-foot (4.8-meter) slope across the site allows the store to be spread over two levels, with the lower floor tucked below the main level.

Internally, the display area is on the upper level, flanked by Avenues, connects to the Forum below via a grand flight of stairs which descend to the garden level. An almost invisible 32-foot (9.7. meter) glass curtain blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. The interior is bathed in natural light through two large skylights that open to allow natural ventilation.

The Aksaray Yaylak Granite floors, timber ceiling and travertine wall cladding add warmth to the space, complemented by naturally tuned lighting. The store boasts of a green roof which insulates the building and utilizes a rainwater harvesting system and grey water recycling for irrigation. Source and photos Courtesy of Foster + Partners.

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