Floating farm Green Ocean by N-ARK

Green Ocean

An excellent tip for a lifestyle that integrates with the environment can find in greenhouse agriculture. Farmers sleep in the greenhouse during their initial training.

If the temperature and humidity are uncomfortable for them when they sleep, it is also painful for the vegetables, and they need to adjust their conditions. In other words, a better environment for plants and a better environment for humans. We will create an ark that can n-fold Arktecture (Ark + Technology + Culture).

This next-generation ark combines underwater architecture and salt-resistant technology to unite human life, the natural environment, and various living things and create a world where we can live better in the age of climate change. The first step in this process is the prototyping of “Green Ocean,” a floating farm.

Salt-resistant architecture technology
The Green Ocean floats on the coast. It creates two greens in the space above and below the sea. A farm produces the green at sea for food production using saline agriculture technology. The other is a green that aims to improve the underwater environment by cultivating algae and other plants under the sea surface.

The architectural materials will be designed from thinned wood, and the wood joints will be carbon joints for salt resistance. The floating facilities are to increase buoyancy with a special coating. The characteristic shape of the roof is to capture rainwater efficiently.

By mixing rainwater and seawater, ph adjustment and dilution rate adjustment will complete. It will become fertilizer for saline agriculture. Also, the cold seawater controls the indoor temperature by its stable temperature. It uses it as air conditioning on the farm. Source and images Courtesy of N-ARK.

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