Aedas wins competition for Xiamen New Airport Area

Xiamen New Airport Area

As of late, the UPDIS and Aedas consortium won the International Urban Design Competition for Xiamen New Airport Area; the scheme includes masterplanning for the 62 sq km site at the estuary of Jiuxi River along Xiamen’s southern coast line and, as well as urban design for the 15 sq km key area.

The design seeks to create three diversified sea cities with a whole host of business functions as well as a world-class urban living room that includes leisure, cultural, entertainment, and community components.

To create vibrant and resilient cities, the planning cornerstones are prioritising ecology, optimizing urban layout and transportation network, and cultivating cultural and public spaces, where Xiamen characteristics are preserved and contemporised.

“We hope that by spotlighting Xiamen’s valuable features and foregrounding the harmony between sea and city, the new airport area will stand as an icon that paves way for innovative development” says Aedas Director Lily Qian. Source and images Courtesy of Aedas.