Brandhaus Offensive by Samuel Treindl

Brandhaus Offensive

DA Berlin will open the exhibition Brandhaus Offensive by Samuel Treindl. The artist designed a 1:1 installation for the BDA gallery with interior materials from the Wuppertal Brandhaus, which will go back to Wuppertal after the Berlin transformation. These are linked to the specific surfaces of the gallery via screen prints that were created in collaboration with Klass Büro für Gestaltung.

Treindl is transforming a burnt-out industrial ruin on the Wupper – a former battery factory from the 1870s – into a sculptural object in the city: urban mining in art. He deals with cultural change and transformation. In his sculptural work he reflects the circularity of materials, space and production processes.

His means of production are characterized by their imperfection, their flaws and the character of the provisional. They are metal, wood, plastic, wax, paint, earth. Treindl uses artistic means to address current issues of architectural discourse, urban and social change. Repurposing and preserving, existing further thinking, revitalizing a polluted house destined for demolition – these are actual topics that Treindl investigates and makes visible.

“Anarchist production, material research, process art, insecure systems, aesthetic constructions” are the categories with which the artist himself describes his projects. Awareness-raising, communication and interaction with people and material make the process just as interesting as the result of this artistic intervention.

On the occasion of the opening, Samuel Treindl will present the Brandhaus and the working methods of the research center for anarchist production (FFAP) in a curators talk. The research center fights for equality within all design and manufacturing systems and produces art and design objects. There is high-tech alongside amateurism in combination with traditional craftsmanship and materials research.

Furthermore, it is about the agreement of seemingly opposites – the anti-commercial next to the commercial, the poetic next to the realistic, the constructed next to the accidental. The exhibition can be seen until January 23, 2022. As part of the exhibition, as a continuation of the Wuppertal functional workshops in the Brandhaus, there will be an artist-led workshop in the BDA gallery on January 22nd. Source by BDA Galerie Berlin