Iconic Villa by Zubaida Emad

Iconic Villa

What will happen to life in the future? Life will change. People will not drive cars, in the year 3000, I can travel by hovercraft, time machine, and even using the new teleport system!

I can simply fly to wherever I want to go! “Futurism is the modern form of design that comes long dynamic lines, and a monochromatic look that suggests motion and urgency”.


The area of the iconic villa is 2000 square meters. A villa designed in the futuristic world where the lifestyle changes completely and becomes transport by planes and hovercrafts.

The location of this villa is the one remaining in the futuristic world. The villa was designed in a manner appropriate to that period of time, which can be accessed by planes or hovercrafts. Source and images Courtesy of Zubaida Emad.