Flowing House by Omlight

Flowing House

The Flowing house is supported by tall cliffs that surround the landscape, which make the project rise above the desert.

A futuristic Cliff Home, the flowing design of the project makes it posible to reach any place on the house from anywhere.

Starting from de Access point, the project divides into 4 sections: the main center área, which leads to the other 3 sections, a pool, a heliport and a lookout with beautiful views of the landscape.

On a planimetric level, these areas look like a boomerang with 4 blades specially shaped to counter the desert wind, with the main area characterized by the single tree. Source by Omlight.

  • Location: Metaverse
  • Architect: Omlight
  • Tools used: Rhinoceros 7, Unreal Engine 5, Lightroom.
  • Design year: 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of Omlight