Alibaba DAMO Nanhu Industry Park by Aedas recognised at the MIPIM Awards 2022

Alibaba DAMO Nanhu Industry Park

Designed by Global Design Principal Ken Wai, Executive Director Wei Li and Executive Director Fei Li Shen, Hangzhou Alibaba DAMO Nanhu Industry Park received the Best Futura Mega Project acclaim at the MIPIM Awards 2022.

The recognition is a token of innovation that reflects a superlative achievement in forward-thinking design, one that serves the community and our future generations.

Located in the Nanhu Science Centre of Hangzhou, Alibaba DAMO Academy occupies a 228,000 sq m site along the west coast of Nanhu Lake. It is a research and development office park that comprises world-class work spaces and research labs equipped with smart technology, a visitor centre and supporting facilities in a garden-like setting.

Inspired by the pattern and imagery of leaves on waters, the design is well integrated with the surrounding landscape while responding to the local culture of Hangzhou. Upon completion, it would become one of Alibaba’s headquarters and serve as a major engine of world’s innovation and technology advancement. Source and images Courtesy of Aedas.