Metamansion Magnavi by veliz architect

Metamansion Magnavi

Metamansion Magnavi is a project that adapts to several biomes, a well-defined contrast due to its shape, adapting to these spaces, weaving a structure that connects with nature, it is based on the metamansion nft keys collection under the concept of a futuristic and immaterial architecture destined to the new world of the metaverse.

Its form based on the experience between mixing nature and a futuristic building that creates a great contrast between both, recreating a new experience in architecture and design, as well as spaces that have a relationship between luxury and the contrast of its surroundings, in addition to the constant play between forms and framing points through artificial light, generating an architect with a focus on the future is also a gesture of this work specifically to be visited through digital support.

Level I: The perfect unison of peace and freedom create what is known as the most heavenly biomes in the KEYS Metaverse. However, one day, suddenly something very mysterious happens and residents are forced to reaproach the true meaning of life. Level II: Delicate coral growths, starfish, seaweed, and other marine life begin to make a home on the exterior of the mansion.

Level III: The mansion becomes consumed by giant coral growths, starfish, and barnicles. Visible bioluminescence brings life to the shoreline as electric mermaids reveal themselves in the water and surrounding environment. Giant veins of electricity illuminate the surface of the water. Source by veliz architect.

  • Location: Metaverse
  • Architect: veliz architect
  • Collaborators: KEYS token Company
  • Design team: veliz architect, landon meserve, KEYS token, Metamansion.nft
  • Tools used: software used for drawing, modeling, rendering, post-production and photography. SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop
  • Site area: 450m2
  • Constructed area: 345m2
  • Design year: 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of veliz architect