Porcelanosa Hotel by Ramón Esteve

Porcelanosa Hotel

Inspired by an urban boutique hotel, the space that Ramón Esteve has designed for the new Porcelanosa Showroom integrates nature into its essence without losing its urban character.

The tour of the different rooms leads the user through scenarios strung as a sequence, which aim to generate different sensations and make him dream of a place that could perfectly be located in a big city.

Concepts such as biophilia and sustainability permeate every corner of the new Porcelanosa Showroom, thanks to its
terraces full of vegetation and the different patios that allow natural light to enter the interior.

Sensations enhanced by the warmth of the textures and materials of the new collections that the firm presents this year applied in different supports and situations. Source by Ramón Esteve.

  • Location: Villareal, Spain
  • Architect: Ramón Esteve
  • Project Team: María Martí, María Luna, Guillermo Sahuquillo, Adrián de Arriba
  • Collaborators REE: Tudi Soriano, Pau Raigal
  • Promotor: Porcelanosa Grupo
  • Area: 1.312 m2
  • Year: 2022
  • Photographs: Porcelanosa Grupo, Courtesy of Ramón Esteve