Foster + Partners designs Dome-Home dog kennel for Goodwoof


Foster + Partners has designed the Dome-Home for Goodwoof’s Barkitecture competition presented by Mastercard UK, an architectural exhibition showcasing cutting-edge kennel design at Goodwood in West Sussex.

Architects from around the world are competing for the ‘Single Kennel Design Award’ for a single or double occupancy dog kennel. Barkitecture will bring together the final shortlisted kennels which will be auctioned by Bonhams in a live sale on Sunday 29 May. All proceeds will be donated to Goodwoof’s chosen charity, Dog’s Trust.

Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman of Foster + Partners, said: “We are delighted to be involved in this year’s Goodwoof. The Dome-Home features a geodesic shell structure – it is like architecture in miniature.” A celebration of craftmanship and fine timberwork, the kennel was hand-built by leading English furniture maker, Benchmark.

The bowl-shaped interior has a flexible removable padded fabric liner that closely follows the geometry of the shell, creating a snug and practical interior. Constructed from engineered cherry wood, the kennel reimagines canine luxury. Source and photos Courtesy of Foster + Partners.