N346 Lochem by NEXT architects

N346 Lochem

The new N346 is not only the missing link for regional traffic between the Achterhoek and the A1, but is also an important link between the different landscapes in and around Lochem.

The design includes an asymmetrical steel road bridge over the Twente Canal, a wooden bicycle and pedestrian bridge through the city, and the renovation of the surrounding station area. With their modest, yet distinctive design, the two bridges together represent a sustainable and uniform identity that fits into the scenic context of Lochem.

The provincial road N346 has been designed as one continuous line guided by the experience of the landscape. This ensures traffic safety, traffic flow, and attractive cycling and walking routes. The two new bridges are designed as meaningful green routes over and through the nature, guiding users through the landscape via various landmarks.

A sequence of views and panoramas looking over the station area, the canal, the industry, Lochem, and the landscape increases the recognizability of the area and reinforces the orientation of the driver on the N346. The design of both the steel road bridge and the wooden bicycle and pedestrian bridge is modest, but at the same time distinctive.

The slender bridges conform to the user and the location, creating a balance between the scenic character and the functional requirements. The light constructions are different in material, but together establish a unified identity and recognizability for the area around the N346.

City and landscape come together. The road bridge over the canal has an asymmetrical shape, created by slim steal arches with a limited height, to maintain its modest representation. By placing the road on ground level as much as possible, making gradual abutments, and designing embankments as a landscape, the spatial quality and the scenic identity come together.

The wooden bicycle and pedestrian bridge does not follow fasted route, but rather the most scenic route with surprises perspectives. The town, station area, infrastructure, and the various landscapes come together along the way.

The transparent construction from wood contributes to the sustainable character of the project and supports the scenic experience of the user. Source by NEXT architects.

  • Location: Lochem, Netherlands
  • Architect: NEXT architects
  • Project Team: Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers with Maarten van der Burg, Angelos Chouliaras, Clara Jansen, Douwe Strating
  • Collaborators: Max Bögl, Dostal, Schaffitzel Holzindustrie, Wittenveen+Bos, Okra, Miebach
  • Client: Provincie Gelderland
  • Year: 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of NEXT architects