House of Communication for Serviceplan by HENN opens in Munich

Serviceplan House of Communication

The Serviceplan House of Communication, for which HENN designed the interior, has officially opened. 40 different agencies and 1,700 employees are brought together under one roof on the iCampus, a new innovation district near Munich’s Ostbahnhof, developed by R&S Immobilienmanagement.

HENN Interior created a distinctive spatial identity for Serviceplan, one of Europe’s largest communications firms, rooted in the company’s ideals of openness and collaboration. The headquarters are devised as a small city, a concept known as office urbanism.

Connecting three separate buildings via bridges, the House of Communication includes spaces to meet, eat, and relax, alongside meeting rooms and individual work areas.

HENN Interior introduced a central axis connecting all three atrium buildings, designed by RKW Architektur+ and KAAN Architecten. The axis and main circulation route, named the Innovation Track, runs throughout the first floor of the entire complex.

Visitors enter the Track via a striking six-meter wide staircase at the entrance. The Track’s connective purpose is highlighted by a 130-meter-long light installation, inspired by classic neon signage which had been designed by Büro Uebele.

It also serves as an event and exhibition space: pieces from the private art collection of the CEO Florian Haller are on show, including work by Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz and Tony Cragg.

With art tours and space for events, the building is opened up to the public. On the office floors, different modes of work physical and virtual, loud and quiet.

Can take place in parallel thanks to an acoustic concept that includes sound-absorbing walls, ceiling panels and heavy felt curtains, through to the spatial organization of offices and meeting rooms.

Serviceplan’s ethos of communication and integration is expressed through unique, oversized furniture pieces – there is room for 100 people on a 30-meter-long sofa upholstered in bold, coral Raf Simons fabric, and space for 80 employees at a single wooden table in the canteen.

The monochrome backdrop and simple furniture of the Serviceplan uniform allow colorful and oversized statement pieces to pop. A special font was developed by Büro Uebele exclusively for the project and used for all signage in the building – for orientation on walls and columns, but also as a typographic element on the Innovation Track, adding visual depth and character. Source by HENN and photos Courtesy of Send /Receive.