Macau Valley by Hori-zonte

Macau Valley

The intervention aims to stitch the urban scenario positively, paying particular attention to how the new building will interact with the city, its close neighbors, and the site’s hilly topography.

Designed through the city guidelines, the building seeks to grow to the east/south orientation to maximize the client’s saleable area.

Moreover, it provides terraces, green roofs, a significant increase in solar gains, access to daylight, and natural ventilation.

The building is composed of a residential program throughout, except for the two bottom levels, which will host parking and storage rooms.

The idea is to minimize ground digging and earth movements, expose the parking stories to natural ventilation, and reduce mechanical system needs.

With responsibility towards the city and its inhabitants, the proposal searches for environmentally friendly concepts in nature, sustainability, and building energy performance and efficiency. Source by Hori-zonte.