30 housing units Zac Clos du Bourg in OLIVET by a/LTA architectes

30 housing units Zac Clos du Bourg

Our project is inspired by a blend of the local environmental elements. The white ‘tuffeau’ limestone used in the cities typical of the Loire valley, the half-timbered houses on the shores of the Loiret and the spectacular natural surroundings.

The design motivation for the project lay in the modern reinterpretation of those elements while integrating a sustainable and eco-friendly approach in as many aspects of the construction as possible.

From the volumetry of the buildings with their modular common spaces both indoor and out, to the responsible choice and use of materials. Our project is in Olivet at the junction of the Parc du Poutyl, the new elementary school and the city hall on the west end of the newly developed high street.

While making a statement of intent as a new anchor point to this corner the project also has the function of blending with, while complimenting, its existing surroundings. The building, in its design, attempts to mimic the rhythms of the nearby town houses.

This is achieved by the use of alternating volumes, bigger to highlight the corner and smaller to assimilate with the neighbouring buildings.
Integrated with this volumetry are a series of ‘functional gaps’ such as the naturally lit entrance hall, the balconies and the traversing views.

These gaps are used to create a feeling of spaciousness and as a corollary effect offer views of the internal garden. While the large volumes ‘houses’ are monolithic in feel due to their strict fenestration and the use of a single materiel in their construction.

They have a certain playful aspect throughout as seen in the folds of the origami like roof, the sprinkling of planters on the façades and the seemingly random introduction of some larger window openings here and there.

Regarding the choice of building material our desire was to work with the local limestone for the high street façades in order to give a settled urban feel. While esthetically pleasing there is also the idea behind that choice of reintroducing the local building techniques and ‘savoir faire’.

As architects it is very important for us to continually push the boundaries and learn new ways of developing a more sustainable and responsible approach to the built environment. The façades facing the garden, south and east, have a much more organic feel.

Large wooden balconies lean against the exterior wall like a series giant bookshelves offering the inhabitants a calming outdoor space and shade from the sun. A communal garden gives a nice place to meet neighbours, enjoy a barbecue or have some quiet time reading under a tree. Source by a/LTA architectes.

  • Location: Zac Clos du Bourg, Olivet, France
  • Architect: a/LTA architectes
  • Team: agent ALTA + ELAN + Terabilis
  • Urban planners: D&A (Devillers & Associates)
  • Client: Bouygues Immobilier
  • Program: 30 housing units + mixed premises (bicycle – relaxation – workshop)
  • Area: 2,680 m2
  • Year: 2022
  • Images: Courtesy of a/LTA architectes