Molinuco waterfall Hotel by Arquitectura ID-ART

Molinuco Hotel

The fresh aroma of wet earth and eucalyptus are felt during the different walks in the Molinuco ecological refuge. The one with the waterfalls is one of the most visited trails.

The Molinuco Hotel has as its premise the total adaptation to the immediate context offered by nature and waterfalls, through a staggered terrain 6 circular modules are located so that it harmonizes with its natural environment proposing a succession of volumes that give the impression of steps in water.

The use of native materials, the construction process, the use and function of people help us to integrate organic construction with nature.

The identity of this place in its structure, shape and image. The hotel is architecturally designed in such a way that it revolves around central courtyards that are the connections between the different floors.

It is also encouraged by the vegetation of the place and a tropical and fresh atmosphere is achieved. The minimalism of the structure and its wide spaces help us to give greater prominence to nature, the sounds it generates, The bedrooms have a balcony, comfortable rooms with contemporary interior decoration.

In this place the days are rainy with some cold, the sound of the water falling on the stones of the Pita river is a motivation to visit the Molinuco waterfall. It is the closest of the three to those in this place. Source by Arquitectura ID-ART.

  • Location: Ecuador
  • Architect: Arquitectura ID-ART
  • Principal architect: Jorge Jonathan, Panchi Blacio
  • Tools used: Autocad, Sketchup, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
  • Site area: 4583,85 m2
  • Built area: 3279,50 m2
  • Design year: 2023
  • Images: Jorge Panchi, Courtesy of Arquitectura ID-ART