Winners announced for “SKYRISE 2022 Architecture Competition”


International design competition platform Impact has announced the results for the SKYRISE 2022 Architecture Competition. An innovative and iconic skyscraper structure that has the impact of establishing itself as a landmark in its surroundings and implementation of new innovative technologies to make the building safer, increased energy efficiency, greener, and at the same time with them take on new and exciting shapes.

Impact Competition thanks all the competitors for participating in this competition and for contributing to this competition’s research. Participants from more than 100 countries contributed valuable concept ideas to the contest, which was evaluated by a panel of international experts. The winning projects have been awarded a total cash prize of $10,000 distributed to the first 5 team winner. Source and images Courtesy of Impact.

First Place: The Connection by Liubomyr Podolianych – Rusiev Kostiantyn (Ukraine)

Istanbul is a unique megapolis located on the banks of the Bosphorus, which divides it into European and Asian parts. A megastructure that will connect the two banks and will use the full potential of the space above the strait.

We were inspired by the idea of medieval residential bridges, modern technologies and the city’s notorious traffic problem, one of the worst in the world. The CONNECTION is an attempt to rethink the “medieval typology” of living above water and relieve urban transport logistics.

Second Place: Sky Rig by Alvaro Arranz – Vicky Chan (United States)

The Lagos Lagoon on the other hand is a signature waterfront for its CBD but is currently filled with oil rigs and tanks. These rigs are considered eyesores to many locals. Sky Rig aims to replace the existing oil rigs in water with three high-rise modular structures to provide housing, retail, commercial, and public amenities.

The complex will provide equitable, reliable, and sustainable living in downtown area while referencing the city’s past in oil industry. Using wind, solar, water, and biomass to generate energy, water and food, the towers will provide a circular lifestyle with net zero operation carbon. The new architecture not only reinforces Lagos’s existing plan to beautify the waterfront, but its sustainable vision also helps the city to look beyond oil as their main source of income.

Third Place: Vertical Wild Life by Duc Chu (Vietnam)

Vertical Wildlifes, a new environment for animals, protected and well controlled. A landmark for the area by its own natural characteristics. Share a great message for the environment where the density of concrete is highest. New culture for the region, attracting tourism, boosting the economy as a whole.

The artificial environment is structured by a gently sloping structure connecting and running on top of each other, creating a large and seamless area for the animals, in addition to creating a self-sustaining, freeing structure. internal structure.

Special Mention: K8|Forest Lift Off by Ahmad Hafez – Hamzeh Al-Thweib – Mohaymen Moradi (Germany)

Student Award: Purge Island by Xinyi Liu (China)

Honourable Mentions

Absorbent Sand Storm Skyscraper by Mohamad Rahimizadeh – Shaghayegh Nemati – Zahra Tavasoli (Iran)

Turbinis Lighthouse Park by Norberth Aristizabal – Sara Isabel Ortegon Bedoya – Mauricio Dominguez (Colombia)

Unity Skyscraper by Victoria Shmidt (United States)

Prison + Tower by Tianjian Li – Yutian Tang (United States)

Cloudscraper by Max Yehor Popov (Ukraine)

The Seam by James Janke – Kamyar Movaffagh – Michael Ward (United States)

Walking Tower by Olga Varabyeu – Alex Holad – Carlos Quintero (United States)

Dasha Subbotina (Israel)

Sky Forest by Jonatan Jimenez Olvera (Mexico)

Carbon City: An Urban Machine by Matthew Teismann – Alex Borger (United States)