Bradbury Works by [Y/N] Studio

Bradbury Works

Bradbury Works in Gillett Square, Dalston, has now re-opened its doors to new and returning tenants.

The new building includes the refurbishment of 600m2 of existing affordable workspace, the replacement of ten mini retail units, and the provision of almost 500m2 of extra workspace in a two-storey extension.

Bradbury Works is the next step in the evolving story of one of the most unique and community focused public spaces in the capital. The scheme looks to retain the best attributes of the existing building including its tenants while providing additional flexible spaces to suit a variety of businesses.

Facing into the square, new 10m2 retail pods are provided with fully openable glazed frontages which are further protected by profiled metal gates for security and privacy when closed but can transform the individual spaces with vibrant signage when open.

The original masonry structure of the existing Victorian terrace has been retained, refurbished, and renovated, providing small and medium 10-36m2 workspace units while preserving the existing shops, bars and restaurants facing onto Bradbury Street.

A covered double height external terrace space provides access to the upper units. Picnic tables, evergreen ferns, and climbing plants intend to encourage tenants to come together in all seasons and increase interaction with the square.

At third floor new workspaces with private mezzanine levels in the pitch are accessed by a south facing external deck. Access to the new building is via the existing entrance which has been retained and improved by providing a new fully glazed entrance. New branding and wayfinding signage was designed by [Y/N] Studio.

The existing stairwell and entrance have been repainted with the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black) referring to the ‘CMYK’ printing colour range where four simple and contrasting colours combined can be used to create any artwork.

This mirrors the ambition for the building to become a melting pot of cultures and disciplines which are greater than the sum of their parts. In all other areas of the building, a simple colour palette of muted grey flooring and white painted walls allows tenants the agency to customise their space to suit their requirements and personalities.

Finally, the building is wrapped in a homogenous polycarbonate façade and completed with a profiled mill finished aluminum base and roof.

The lightweight and reflective skin creates the appearance of a singular form, however on closer inspection the translucent character of the material allows the white painted brick façade and the terrace to remain visible from outside.

Behind, the façade allows for plenty of light to enter the workspaces and breakout spaces. During the daytime the cladding reflects the changing colours of the sky and external environment while glowing at night to reveal the internal activities. Source by [Y/N] Studio.

  • Location: Dalston, London, UK
  • Architect: [Y/N] Studio
  • Main Contractor: Vortex Interiors
  • Project Management: Helios Project Management
  • Structural engineer: Engenuiti
  • M&E consultant: Thornley and Lumb
  • Quantity surveyor: Beacon Project Services
  • Planning Consultant: JMS Planning and Development
  • Collaborating Architect: Hawkins\Brown – initial stages only
  • Interior Design / Signage: [Y/N] Studio
  • Heritage Consultant: KM Heritage
  • Daylight and Sunlight: Schroeders Begg
  • Monitoring Surveyor: Gerald Eve
  • Additional Funding: Greater London Authority (under The Local Enterprise Partnership for London), Unity Trust Bank, Hackney Council,
  • Client: Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC
  • Size: 1578 m2
  • Completion date: December 2022
  • Photographs: French + Tye, Courtesy of [Y/N] Studio