Digital Beauty by Miguel Chevalier

Digital Beauty

For his first solo show in Seoul, Miguel Chevalier imagined 12 installations over 5 levels in response to the unique architectural space of the Ara Art Center.

The exhibition is accompanied by musical creation by Claude Micheli that enhances the experience for the visitors. The exhibition questions our relationship to reality and confronts us with digital infinity.

In the continuity of artistic movements of the XX century (kinetic art, optical art or geometric abstraction), the immersive, generative and interactive virtual reality installations, projected on a large scale, present a visual vocabulary specific to the artist, made up of pixels, networks, flows and algorithmic geometries.

The interactive projection Complex Meshes, the luminescent installation Complex Meshes made up of fluorescent strings and the sculpture Rhizomatic immerses visitors into an universe of networks.

Everything branches out and materialise the invisible flows and networks that surround us and connect us. Machine Vision explore the notion of the self-portrait and the facial recognition systems.

By standing in front of a camera, the viewer shifts from the real to the virtual world. Their portraits are deconstructed in real-time and create surprising abstract universes.

In Fractal Arborescences, inspired by the Lichtenberg figures, electrical arborescence are activated by the movement of visitors.

These shapes amazing that recall tree roots, blood vessels or neural networks, reveals the fascinating beauty of fractals and raises questions about the mysteries of nature.

Miguel Chevalier created in collaboration with the artist Patrick Tresset, the new artwork The Attractors Dance, a surprising five-armed drawing robot.

They are collaborating and combining their mutual skills in digital and robotic art to bring the performative installation to life.

The robot consists of five articulated arms, each equipped with a pen that can draw simultaneously Strange Attractors extracted from a bank of perpetually remixed data.

These synchronised movements give life to a veritable choreography. Source by Miguel Chevalier.