Manta Rays by Vincent Callebaut

Manta Rays

Manta Rays is a sustainable cluster of ecolodges in Tensile Membrane Structures (TMS) in Bali, Indonesia.

For the project “Manta Rays’ form-finding was the first step in the design process, in which the structure has adopted a unique equilibrium shape based on the initial configuration of the structure and the applied initial prestress.

In this biomimetic approach, using a minimum of material, mixing bamboo structure and organic jute fabric, this Tensile Membrane construction achieves architectural biophilic and curvature shapes, not achievable by other roof materials.

Pre-stressed membrane and organic fabric is weather resistant, sustainable, and able to withstand large tensile strength yet lightweight.

The Manta Rays project is thus built 100% in bio-based materials, it is easily removable and reassemblable like a giant meccano, to better respect the Balinese site in which it is set up. Source and images Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut.