New Ski School by Studio Beltrame

Ski School

It is a significant architectural accomplishment in the way that it merges a triad of different agendas.

In the cultural aspect, the Ski school is harmonious with tradition. Its use of local materials and common structural language reflect the architectural spirit of the surrounding village.

On the exterior, the makeup of black metal and timber cladding is a direct usage of local roofing and siding materials.

While the interior comprises exposed timber framing that is commonplace amongst neighbouring alpine ski chalets.

As a result, the seemingly radical and unconventional form of the ski school still participates in the traditional village aroma.

Regarding its functional requirements, we find the free-like form to be a direct mapping of an auditorium. As one enters on the ‘low end’ they arrive at a foyer and office.

As they traverse into the theatre, they are then greeted with step seating and a presentation area that harbours an expansive panoramic view of Tarvisio as the backdrop.

The interior spatial requirements determine the exterior shape. Lastly, the building is immersive with the surrounding landscape.

In a sort of ingenious double whammy, the functional auditorium shape mimics the surrounding alpine mountains.

Its formalistic gesture resonates between mountain and traditional buildings, blurring the two harmoniously.

In conclusion, the new ski school is a wonderful merger of form and function through its implementation of culture, program, and landscape. It seamlessly integrates the natural surroundings while providing an iconic and local experience for visitors.

The photographic survey has been done over one full year, to depict the project and its use in different moments, lights and weather conditions, highlighting the contrasts of its relationship with the surroundings and the people over the different seasons. Source by Studio Beltrame.

  • Location: Tarvisio, Italy
  • Architect: Studio Beltrame
  • Project Team: Claudio Beltrame, Luca Beltrame, Jon Krizan, Gabriele Pascutti
  • Consultants: Engineer Gianpaolo Anselmi, Studio Pettene, Erika Kosuta
  • Client: Comune di Tarvisio
  • Area: 510 m2
  • Year: 2022
  • Photographs: Studio Beltrame, Elia Spaliviero (drone photo), Courtesy of Studio Beltrame