Pinghu Children and Youth Center by LYCS Architecture

Pinghu Children and Youth Center

Recently, in the conceptual design competition for the Pinghu Children and Youth Center in Zhejiang Province, the “Playful Pinwheel” proposal by LYCS Architecture won the championship! The total building area of the project is approximately 59,129 square meters.

Located in an important area of Pinghu city and will become a landmark cultural complex that includes public cultural facilities such as museums, science and technology museums, youth centers, theaters, exhibition halls, and women’s and children’s centers.

The project adopts the design concept of a “Playful Pinwheel” and uses a twirling windmill to express the beautiful vision of “convergence and blending” at the center.

The four “blades” are curved to connect, and the “blades” freely extend in different directions, outlining an open building like a carpet, and engaging in a dialogue with the city’s landscape.

The “handle” of the blade is concave and enclosed, creating a rich square space while meeting the requirements of practical use. Combined with the landscape, it provides citizens with a diverse ecological green experience.

The project was jointly designed by LYCS Architecture and the Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research (ZIAD). Currently, the project has entered the scheme review stage and is expected to commence construction this year. Source by LYCS Architecture.