Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter wins competition for Turutun


Turufjell in Flå is Norway’s newest mountain destination, and the fastest growing one. In connection with the ski resort, we are building Turutun, a village with holiday apartments, squares, and shops.

The buildings are organized in clusters, like traditional settlements, which together form a compact mountain village at the bottom of the ski slopes.

With an increasing demand for holiday homes, it is critical that the development of new areas is carried out with minimized impact on nature and with strong roots in the local community.

The design and materiality draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape and local building traditions, combined with references from alpine architecture. At the same time, the project is innovative in its combination of sustainability and how to build the holiday homes of the future.

When you live in a village, you are part of something bigger – a community, a society. It makes sense for the nature that we group the holiday homes together in one area, but it also makes sense for the people.

The project is rooted in both tradition and innovation. Tradition by utilizing the best of rural culture and craftmanship, and innovation by a new way of thinking in relation to sustainable architecture and how we will build the holiday homes of the future.

The project is designed so that its scale is in relation to the dimensions of the landscape. Using materiality and form, the building appears as a unified project, but at the same time broken down into smaller volumes, inspired by traditional settlements where the buildings are gathered in clusters around a yard.

Great emphasis has been placed on the relationship between outdoor areas and the functions inside the houses. With Turufjell, we are creating a destination where people can come together in a small community, while having the vast, untouched nature just outside the door. Source by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.