Unveiling a High-end Commercial Complex in Beijing by Aedas

Shougang Southeast Parcel 769

Located on the southeast part of Shougang District, Beijing, the project is a 136,000 sq m mixed-use commercial complex that integrates with the nature.

The rectangular plot maximises the land efficiency, offering a park view on the west and metro connection at the south and north entrances.

“Putting the whole masterplan into consideration, the design has integrated with the urban fabric. Financial offices are located on the south and west to reserve the landscape and nearby buildings,” says Zi Huan says.

Putting the whole masterplan into consideration, the design has integrated with the urban fabric. The façade drew inspiration from sculpting, carving the massing to avoid opposing straight corners.

The reduced massing and simple architectural form create a comfortable spatial experience. Horizontal façade fins are complemented with glass panels, mimicking the form of diamonds to represent perseverance and eternity.

Wide glass panels and casement windows are used to optimise the cityscape views and ventilation. The low-rise office tower also uses the neat yet vigorous architectural form, representing a vision of entrepreneurship with sustainable development.

The energy-efficient measures has brought the project to receive the highest rating level of The Green Building Evaluation Label and LEED Gold Certification.

The design greatly reduces the light pollution and optimises the energy-saving measures for interiors through highly reflective aluminium façade panels.

In harmony with the urban green spaces, the central plaza, landscape and rooftop garden are connected as a multi-layered green realm.

Zi Huan shares the design objective, “Balancing the quality of office and communal spaces, we have created a high-end financial office park that integrates with the nature.” Source by Aedas.

  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Architect: Aedas
  • Principal architect: Dr. Andy Wen, Zi Huan Lin
  • Area: 136,000 sq m
  • Completion year: 2024
  • Images: Courtesy of Aedas