HELIX HORIZON imagined by Chat-GPT-4


I asked Chat-GPT-4 to imagine a new architectural masterpiece by Zaha Hadid.

I then guided Midjourney A.I. to carefully create visualizations based on my interpretation of GPT-4’s response.

As an experiment, I am exploring the extent to which machine intelligence can overtake the creative process.

Opinion on design
The results are interesting. I have yet to imagine that Zaha Hadid would get inspired by DNA structures…

But now I think about it, her works are often inspired by morphologies in nature.

And arguably, vertical gardens are not the first thing that comes to mind for Zaha’s style, but somehow all this combination seems to work.

Is the machine bad at imitating or is it being creative? What do you think? As AI keeps developing, I am admittedly concerned.

I am glad it cannot develop designs based on regulations and produce technical drawings and feasibility studies. But as GPT keeps developing, how long will this statement remain true… Source and images Courtesy of Tim Fu.