House in Cyprus by Balzar Arquitectos

House in Cyprus

The house in Cyprus arises from the intention of taking advantage of the best sea views and integrating into the steep terrain where it is located.

The house is supported on two points on the ground, modifying it as little as possible.

It takes advantage of the privacy and beauty of the rock to protect itself from neighboring views and its slope to provide a wide belvedere with sea views.

The strategy carried out consists of placing the house on a single level, in which almost all of its program is arranged. The main access occurs from the roof level and in the center of the house, through a staircase sculpted in the rock, the great protagonist of the house.

A large living room with a separate kitchen is developed in the heart of the house, connected to the access patio where a private and sculptural pool is located.

The living-dining area is located on a small slope to better take advantage of the surrounding views and have more privacy. Its sea views open through a large belvedere or covered porch. In the two arms at the ends, the night and service program is located.

Two guest suites and the main one are located facing the best views, while the two bedrooms are located in the northeast arm, very connected to the rock, which gives them privacy. In short, the environment is undoubtedly the protagonist and starting point of the house in Cyprus.

The rock, the sea views, and the simple gesture of the house leaning on the rock make it possible to experience the beautiful terrain up close. Source and images Courtesy of Balzar Arquitectos.