Jinan Ribbon Park by SOM

Ribbon Park

Design inspired by regional landscapes
Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province on China’s eastern coast, is known for its rich variety of natural landscapes — its springs, Daming Lake, and the nearby Mount Tai and Yellow River.

As the master planner, architect, and landscape designer for Jinan’s new central business district, SOM took inspiration from these natural characteristics at every scale: the plan for the district, the architecture of its landmark tower, and the design of a network of open spaces.

Our design for Jinan Ribbon Park creates a world-class ecological park system at the heart of the newly established CBD and contains a series of signature open spaces designed to embrace the natural and cultural heritage of Jinan.

The park connects to the region’s landscape ecologies, integrates water elements that evoke the historic springs of Jinan, and provides a rich collection of attractions for residents and visitors of all ages and interest.

Strategies for a thriving ecology
After researching the local topography, water flow, and soil types, we reintroduced regional plantings that thrive in Jinan’s climate. Willow trees and lotus are signature elements of the landscape design.

With a rich layering of vegetation and plantings that actively remove damaging airborne particulates, the park provides comfort and improves air quality.

Building on the “sponge city” concept—using landscape design to assist in the management of stormwater during the flood season—we integrated a network of cleansing wetlands, bio-filtration, and aeration fountains.All of these strategies support a healthier natural environment and, in turn, a more livable city for residents, workers, and visitors to Jinan.

A central park, where the city and nature meet
Humans look to nature for inspiration and meaning; this is a recurring theme of Chinese landscape paintings, with the flow of water and winds through mountainous landscapes.

The scheme for Jinan Ribbon Park celebrates these natural ecologies and brings the mountain landscape of rolling hills, rocky creek beds and lush riverside wetland marshes into the city.

At its center, a transit hub, a multi-purpose lawn with sculpture gardens, and a “willow leaf” pavilion are framed by five landmark towers.

The park highlights the beauty and colors of every season–pink and white blossoms in the spring, green lawns in the summer, dry golden hues in autumn, and the white grays in winter.

A central Lotus Lake, with boardwalks and rocky cascades, provides opportunities for people to interact with nature. Source by SOM.

  • Location: Jinan, Shangdong, China
  • Architect: SOM
  • Expertise: Landscape Architecture Design
  • Client: Jinan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning
  • Size: 22.6 hectares
  • Completion Year: 2022
  • Photographs: Songkai Liu, Courtesy of SOM