MEDISN·RESET by GE Space Design


Constructing overall order at first sight
The second store of Yaochang MEDISN, located at a curved corner of D10 Tianfu Commercial Street in Chengdu’s Jinjiang District and adjacent to Hongji Lane fully covered with paulownia and ginkgoes, is a mix of routine hustle and bustle and urban landscape.

Special attention is paid to the community attributes of the space in the design of the entrance, rendering space closely embedded with the surrounding environment and building up prominent tension between the interior space, the external area and the city street.

There is no clear physical separation between the street and the external area, making this space an extension of the urban public domain and a guiding area serving as the transition from community street to space.

Although the interior space remains semi-open, the uniqueness of the place is in the first place manifested in the six-meter-high original building, where the vertical spatial tension interacts with the horizontal boundary permeability, establishing a concrete and intense presence.

Exploring the sequence of Dionysian spirit
The scale relation is magnified from general experience in the space with high ceilings and a strong sense of sculpture. To reinforce the dramatic large-scale experience, the advantages of vertical height are used in the design.

A three-dimensional six-meter-high matrix-structured glass wine room is formed by displacing wines in the visually open interior area. A measurement of spatial scale and alcohol intensity is emanated when people are in the glass wine room. The change constitutes the folds of space and becomes a critical component of spatial function.

The intrinsic limited spatial experiences, such as the staircase on the inner side of the space that rises along the crevice and making it to the mezzanine by climbing the staircase and crossing the glass wine room, provide the space with diverse scenarios, enrich the layering of space, and accentuating the spatial scale once again. By exploring upward, all the spatial details slowly unfold outward under close physical experience:

The walls are decorated with finely textured concrete panels; the circular hole elements begin to continuously hop into the view; the curved concrete railing on the outside of the mezzanine balances the toughness of the space; the exposed concrete beam structure and metal pipes on the top surface give away an existing reality; and the enormous circular skylight on the ceiling becomes an important visual node, disclosing some purely abstract pictures.

Summoning paranoid and independent art scene
MEDISN has been committed to integrating alcoholic experience and visual art experience into the emotional atmosphere. The directors have even half-jokingly attributed the fusion of coffee, alcohol and TATTOO to certain common “addiction” syndrome. This has greatly expanded the boundary of MEDISN and increased the independence of the space and the brand effect.

As the upper space of the bar, the art gallery and the on-site area thus become a promised land and a real and deserved presence. Like the first floor, the upper art space is not confined to height and is thus ideal for high-quality niche exhibitions. At the same time, to increase the layering of space, a relatively low mezzanine has been created in the corner and is used as a separate and secluded studio for FORESEER.

Viewing on the second floor the circular skylight on the top of the first floor brings a different experience. The entire huge open circle encompasses the main business space on the first floor, links the interactive imagery between the first and second floors, and forms a visual focal point. The two-layer lighting system between the beams and the circular holes makes the huge circular holes stand out by covering the exposed concrete cross beams.

The beauty of art lies in the stripping of self and the embedding of pain. This giant glass hole embedded between the concrete beams and columns acts as not only a path for spatial vision penetration in the upper and lower relationship but also a symbol of the stripping and pain between alcohol and tattoo. Source by GE Space Design.

  • Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Architect: GE Space Design
  • Design Coordinator: Li Jia
  • Main Project Designer: Fu Youxi
  • Cooperation Mode: Design & Construction
  • Cooperating Brands: FORESEER, MDL, Glimmer lighting, Kuange
  • Project Area: 400 m2
  • Completion Date: 2022.06
  • Photographs: HereSpace, Courtesy of GE Space Design