Coralia Tulum by veliz arquitecto

Coralia Tulum

Hotel “Coralia Tulum” is an architectural project that will be located in Mexico, Tulum, Selva Zama famously known for its breathtaking filled with life jungle and ancestral Mayan history.

The concept is based on the relationship between the coexistence of rock and coral. This concept is expressed in the fusion between stone elements in the form of drawers and organic elements that are woven together

This concept extends both in the interior and exterior spaces of the project and in the landscaping details, creating a sense of harmony between architecture and the natural environment.

To achieve this fusion between the organic and the stone, materials such as rock, concrete with a chukum finish, wood and glass are used.

A key goal to achieve a balance in the materiality of the spaces that generates a feeling of connection with nature and that integrate essential components for social development and preservation of the environment.

In short, Coralia Tulum is a project that seeks to create an environment that embraces the visitor, enveloping them in an experience that combines architecture and nature in a harmonious and aesthetic way. Source by veliz arquitecto.

  • Location: Selva Zama, Tulum, México
  • Architect: veliz arquitecto
  • Architecture studio: Grupo Trend living
  • Design team: Salomon Dana, Marcos atach, veliz arquitecto
  • Collaborators: Grupo R4
  • Year: 2023
  • Images: Courtesy of veliz arquitecto