Flamenca Hotel in Dubai by UNICA Architects

Flamenca Hotel

The project for the Flamenca Hotel in Dubai, UAE, reinterprets the essence of Andalusian heritage, representing the culture and history of the region through contemporary construction.

The building evokes the ambiance of traditional Spanish traditions and brings distant landscapes to the Emirate coast. The design of the hotel incorporates key architectural and cultural features of Andalusia, such as el patio, la cala, el tablao, and, of course, el flamenco.

El patio, the typical Andalusian courtyard with its plants, windows, white walls, and water features, resembles the traditional Arab sahn, which has been part of Arab architecture since the 10th century.

In the Flamenca Hotel, the sahn or patio is recreated to provide private and protected spaces for guests to relax, featuring water pools, shaded sunbathing areas, restaurants, and more. The sea serves as the defining backdrop, visible from all perspectives.

La Cala represents the charming Spanish beach setting, complete with chiringuitos where visitors can unwind and enjoy barbecued sardines on the sand while watching the sunset.

The hotel offers a private beach for guests that captures the essence of this atmosphere, featuring a beach club designed as a tribute to the famous Puerto Banús in southern Spain.

At the heart of the hotel, guests can enjoy El Tablao, a 21st-century interpretation of a traditional cabaret. Here, they can savor tapas while being entertained by music and live dance performances.

The hotel suites are situated at the water’s edge, reminiscent of Mediterranean fishermen’s houses where boats are stored and nets are prepared for the day’s catch. Source by UNICA Architects.

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Architect: UNICA Architects
  • Lead Architects: Riccardo Robustini, Lorenzo Capucci
  • Program: Hotel Resort, beach clubs, pools, restaurants, cafés and beach bars
  • Area: 36,000 sqm
  • Images: Courtesy of UNICA Architects