Gradients Ribbons by Dave Edwards Design

Gradients Ribbons

We were inspired by the theme of “radiance” as two fold. Firstly as a quality of difference beyond the ordinary and mundane, special, inviting of attention or speculation. Secondly the human response to prompting a reflective state, security meditative and calm.

We sought to create an artifact that celebrates these qualities and allows people to engage at multiple distances and times of the day. From a distance appears it appears as an sinuous and seamless alien object cast against the horizon with the shoreline as a backdrop.

It appears as a glowing edifice the edges are deliberately curved reflective and unbroken thus creating a soft undefined silhouette when viewed in the low winter sun.

Close up it provides a secluded spot for individuals and small groups to sit and reflect on their surroundings and the wider landscape. The projects ribbons wrap around people forming a secure backdrop to allow a moment to stop look up and outward to the future.

Its reflective external surface prompts a playful interaction for all ages, and its continuous geometry and colour internal surfaces constantly shift with the changing winter weather.

Material and Assembly
The pavilion is a simple timber structure consisting of 7 identical structural ‘petals’ fabricated from SW timber framing and marine ply sheeting,

Each on consists of 4 layers both flat and curved surfaces, each layer is a sandwich of 6-9mm plywood outer facings and timber core with steel rods helping fix each element in place.

Where the petals are cantilevering at the front straps can be used below the plywood layer to help support these elements.

An alternative of using solid 50mm CLT elements would be considered and reduce labour but might not be achievable with the budgetary constraints.

The external appearance is in two parts the outer surfaces of the pavilion are covered in a mirror foil that seamlessly covers each surface and is glued to the plywood frame to avoid visible fixings.

The inner surfaces and flat areas are primed and painted with a high gloss gradient that ranges from reds to purples, by shifting the starting point of the gradients a wider variety of affects is created.

Support into the ground can be provided by simple screw piles with additional tension ties to stabilise each petal into the ground and to each other in the event of strong winds during the installation period. Source by Dave Edwards Design.