21 Broadbeach Boulevard by Contreras Earl Architecture

21 Broadbeach Boulevard

The 21 Broadbeach Boulevard development is located at the end of a cul-de-sac located on Broadbeach Boulevard; the site occupies a corner where Armrick Avenue joins the bustling beachside Boulevard. The adjacent corner is occupied by the landscaped gardens of the neighbouring apartment building to the North-West ‘Oceana on Broadbeach’.

The location presents an opportunity to create a residential landmark that coexists with the natural environment, nestled within the leafy Broadbeach Park quarter and drawing from the unique context, a quiet green nook in the heart of bustling Broadbeach.The morphology of the building is inspired by the surrounding vegetation and parks.

The tower uses its vertical structure to articulate the elegant design which emulates a tree trunk that is seamlessly connected to each floor slab which at the same time expresses an elegant organic petal shape in plan (inspired by the undulating detailed profile of the Norfolk pine branches from the adjacent Broadbeach Park).

Not only does this create a beautiful expression of the building form but it is also related to the internal layout distribution of the apartments, each petal frames an open living area (on the eastern side) and private areas (on the western side). The result is a distinctive architectural expression that integrates architecture more seamlessly with nature.

The high-rise development contains 19 boutique beachside whole-floor apartments and two penthouses distributed across 3 levels in a building of 24 levels. The building includes a wellness area (gym) located on the ground floor and a Lifestyle Amenities area on the rooftop.

This lavish amenity will bring a special character to the unique landmark building. The expansive one-per-floor apartments provide an appealing alternative to single-dwelling homes, where residents will be able to experience the abundance of natural sunlight and views from multiple viewpoints comprising magnificent white sand and ocean views of East Broadbeach and the Pacific Ocean.

Furthermore, exhibiting the southern lush green park scape stretching out to the western hinterland. Each apartment seamlessly unites the internal and outdoor spaces emphasizing open-plan living and providing enhanced cross ventilation throughout all indoor areas.

The balconies allocated in each apartment promote semi-outdoor living and flexible living patterns to utilise them all year round in the local sub-tropical climate. The gentle undulating contour of the balconies establishes a unification with the adjacent beachside. The building design responds to multiple site parameters such as orientation, context, environment, and public realm integration.

Two significant outlooks from the site drove the design process – the directionality and openness of the building towards the ocean were of primary importance, as was the internal arrangement orientated towards the expansive green open space to the south.

The location of the core and stairs towards the northern façade work to maximise privacy from the site’s only neighbouring building and maximises the amount of open space available towards the favourable view outlooks.

This iconic building will create a unique sense of arrival to the prospering suburb of Broadbeach on approach from Armrick Avenue from the north as well as a beautiful visual addition to the leafy Broadbeach Boulevard corner.

The pedestrian experience will be enhanced through the active engagement of the ground plane with the street-orientated landscape. This new landmark will be an attractive architectural asset for the urban fabric of the coastal city. Source by Contreras Earl Architecture.