Amani – 3519 Main Beach Parade by Contreras Earl Architecture

3519 Main Beach

The 3519 Main Beach development is located in Main Beach at the intersection of Breaker Street and Main Beach Parade, on a site previously occupied by a 3-storey multi-residential building.

The corner site presents an opportunity to create a building of significance on an iconic beachfront cul-de-sac drawing from the unique context of the established suburb, a village bound on all sides by sandy shores, of the beach, the river, and the Broadwater. The development consists of 16 luxury beachside apartments in an 18-story building.

There are four apartment types (2 apartments per floor, 1 apartment per floor, and duplexes). The spacious apartments provide an enticing alternative to single-dwelling homes where residents will be able to experience sunlight and views from multiple aspects including the breathtaking white sand of Main Beach and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

In our work, we synthesise research and understand patterns in nature to deliver site-specific solutions that are rich, beautiful and functional – like the natural world. In this project, we have taken inspiration from the local context where dynamic patterns can be found in the sand, shaped by wind and water.

The architecture that emerges is innovative and advanced, imbued with warmth and artistry. Sculptural forms and organic lines encourage public engagement and optimise environmental performance. The continuous curvilinear shading device on the North, South and West facades provide climatic control and reduces heat loads.

The design allows for transparency within the building to maximise views but at the same time, the glazing envelope is protected from direct sun incidence through the use of slab extensions.

Visually this shading device creates a high level of modulation both horizontally and vertically and presents an attractive sculptural interface, especially to the Northern facade which will bring a captivating new character to the sunny Breaker Street cul-de-sac.

While the graceful movement of sand patterns (sculpting forces of wind and water) is articulated in the public face of the building, the movement also responds to the internal arrangement, for example, the spatial experience continues inside where the sweeping shading devices are choreographed with the upward movement of stairs in the double height duplex apartments in the upper floors.

Outdoor spaces are seamlessly integrated with the internal spaces contributing to the overall feeling of openness and providing enhanced cross ventilation throughout all internal areas. Flexible living patterns are encouraged through the allocation of large balconies on the Eastern side of each apartment which enables semi-outdoor living all year round in the sub-tropical climate taking advantage of the favourable North-Easterly and Easterly aspects.

On the Eastern façade, the alternating rhythmical outlines of the balcony edges also emulate the dynamic flow of sand patterns which gives a distinctive identity to the building when viewed from the beachside.

This iconic corner will create a unique sense of arrival to the established suburb of Main Beach as well as a stunning addition to the pedestrian experience along the beachfront promenade, optimised through the active engagement of the ground plane with street-orientated landscape solutions. Planters on the lower levels bring privacy as well as greenery to the building helping it to touch lightly and integrate with the ground plane.

The façade brings a sculptural connection to the streetscape and beach, embedding the building in its context and contributing to Main Beach’s sense of place. This new landmark will be an engaging architectural asset for the urban fabric of the coastal city. Source by Contreras Earl Architecture.